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Choose how you would like to be paid. We offer fast and easy secure payments by check, wire transfer and Paypal. We are here to ensure that our artist and sellers are collectors are financially protected with every transaction.


  • Your account is 100% Free to create
  • We only ask for you to pay for the shipping fees and packing.
  • No fees
  • Receive 80% on every artwork sold
  • Secure online payments
  • Artist protection

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We love to help artist get as much exposure as possible. Here are a few ways that we promote artist through website and other media platforms:

  • We look at each work carefully to make sure the the piece authentic to the artist.
  • Looking to boost your Instagram and Facebook page, we provide social media promotion plans for all
    established and emerging artist.
  • Weekly newsletters and features in our gallery art blog.
  • We offer Paid online and offline advertising
  • Custom designed artist website service
  • Open house events

Create your Gallery Art account and start selling your art today

• Abstract
• Animation
• Art Deco
• Contemporary Art

• Cubism
• Photography
• Pop Art
• Realism

• Renaissance
• Romanticism

• Surrealism
• Urban Art


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  • GALLARTMIAMI.COM will charge a 20% fee
    when you sell your art

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