Arnold, Robert

About The Artist

Robert Arnold is an artist who has entertained many people with his unique approach to southwestern art. His clean and original style is what keeps collectors awaiting his new pieces. Arnold’s current work is a study of graphic gradation, which encompasses the use of subtle shades and tonal changes due to color and light. His images consist of architectural, figurative and landscape scenes of the enchanting southwest. He spends a great deal of time in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California gathering inspired scenes to share with his public. The use of gouache, an opaque watercolor, enables him to display large, bold areas in a soft, romantic fashion. This feeling is also present in the beautiful execution of Arnold’s serigraphs. A native of Southern California,

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Robert’s bloodline ties him to the Houma Indians in Louisiana. He traveled to Denver, Colorado in 1975 to attend the University of Colorado in boulder. As a fine Arts Major, he explored many mediums which include oil, pastel, acrylic, photography and mixed media pointing. The NBC affiliate station in Denver honored Robert Arnold with a story depicting his unique style and highlighting his incredible technical skills. Arnold’s work was chosen to represent Colorado in an exhibit at the Kennedy Center. The artist’s excitement is at its peak when he meets the public through his appearances at the various Indian Markets and trade shows “When you’re in the Southwest, you’re in a world that shares it’s beauty, charm, and heritage with you. 

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