Fe, Sonya

About The Artist

Sonya Fe received the National Artist Award from the California State Senate in 1998. Sonya Fe’s art has enjoyed a considerable amount of popularity in the Hispanic- American movement. Her subject matter in her art evolves our culture from the inequities of gender and racial bias to a renaissance of human thought and the global community. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States. Sonya Fe sees her art as the communicator of memory, pain, honor, humor, and acceptance. She uses soothing earth tones, which reminds her of everyday normalcy, and yet on the same canvas, she uses stark blues and whites, which shakes her out of her comfort zone, forcing her to feel discomfort. Sonya Fe uses was and copal on her oil paintings. She feels that these combinations make a variety of textures: translucence and shades. Such depth of colors can be achieved through this technique. She feels that when she is finished with her work, she can walk into the painting and join her subjects in their world of memory, pain, honor, humor, and acceptance.

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