De La Nuez, Nelson

About The Artist

As one of the world’s most collected, significant pop artists today, Nelson De La Nuez is a born iconoclast. Using his unique juxtaposition of pop culture and surrealism, blended with America’s rich culture and history, De La Nuez has created works of art that are considered timeless.
He began in the early 1980s and became recognized for his original, iconic pop culture pieces that included Monopoly, board games, pin-ups, Chanel, nostalgia and pop references to living the good life. He took pop art far beyond where its roots began..and made it all his own.

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Listed on the “Who’s Who List of the Most Collected Artists of Our Time,” his works are original, bold and outspoken.  The artist is known for his distinctive, trademarked style called “Art on the Edge,” which is creating art on all sides of the canvas and wood. De La Nuez’s artwork is hanging in some of the most prominent, private collections of movie stars, directors, producers, comedians, corporations and art connoisseurs, as well as purchased for auctions by Sotheby’s.  His art has been featured on countless television shows. He was the official 70th Anniversary artist for the Warner Bros. Wizard of Oz film and created original artwork for the celebration of the iconic movie, one of which, “Ditching Dorothy,” was forever immortalized on a limited edition sheet of US postage stamps.
His work sells out consistently at such prestigious shows as Art Basel Miami, Art Hamptons, Art Southampton, Art Aspen, Art Singapore, Art Houston and worldwide at his galleries. The art values continue to increase every year according to demand, for which the artist can barely keep up.

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