Brainwash, Mr.

About The Artist

Mr. Brainwash Art doesn’t have anyway – art is freedom and you can do it any way you want.” – Thierry Guetta. Mr. Brainwash, a.k.a. Thierry Guetta was born in Paris and lives in Los Angeles. He began his career as a French documentary filmmaker, intrigued by the artistic process of the urban artists. His subjects inspired his transition into a street artist himself, and soon his spray-painted stencils and posters were seen in cities around the world. Guetta’s first exhibition was in LA in 2008, where 7,000 people queued up to see the show, while his New York City solo debut was in 2010. Due to the overwhelming success of his paintings, silkscreens, and sculptural installations, the exhibition was extended for several months. His work has since been exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach, Opera Gallery in London, and sold
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