Bugs, Miss

About The Artist

Miss Bugs is a London-based street art duo composed of a girl and boy – Miss & Bugs – known for their colorful mixed-media works. Although Miss Bugs is a collaboration founded at the beginning of 2007 there is no much information about the artist couple. The only info featured on Miss Bugs’ website is a Pablo Picasso quotes: “If there is something to steal, I steal it! “.

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Making their own newly reconstructed iconic pieces, Miss Bugs uses an array of techniques from silkscreen printing to resin casting. Inspired by pop culture, superheroes, and art history, Miss Bugs’ style is full of contrast – clean animations with dripping paint; colorful bodies with black and white edges. In their work, Miss Bugs question the very nature of the art establishment. It makes us question the ownership of ideas, working methods, and the relationship and knock-on effect that artists have with one another.

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