Covensky, Helen

About The Artist

Helen Covensky (1925 – 2007),  For hundreds of thousands of years flowers, have represented beauty and abundance. Ever since the first flower illustrations appeared on primitive cave walls, their forms and colors have fascinated people. Subsequently, they have been used not only for physical adornment but for healing purposes, spiritual symbolism, and ritual gesture, gracing modest homes and grand palaces throughout history. Flowers have inspired some of history’s greatest art masters-Van Gogh, Monet, Manet-and won the affection and sentimentality of the ages. Helen Covensky’s lovely renditions are entrancing and light. She actually captures the essence of the flower-the intense color, the gesture of form and grace, in a manner reminiscent of the Oriental masters and in a very accessible fashion. Executed in a blithe spirit, her images convey the innocence we would expect from such a subject, expressionistic and spontaneous, yet still keeping their form.

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