Brasset, Jean Claude

About The Artist

Jean Claude Brasset French-born, at the age of 18 he entered the “Ecole Superieure des Arts Modernes” in Paris, and there studied and practiced as Interior Designer. Upon graduation, Jean Claude Brasset remained in Paris and work on a career in his chosen field. He remembers his first art book with Van Gogh‘s paintings – it is then that he came to his first realization that art is an expression of emotions. Later Picasso became his inspiration and subject of admiration. Once someone asked Picasso how long it took to make one of his sketches. Picasso answered…30 years. It takes a long time for an artist to find his way of expressing himself, and Jean Claude remains in search of his original way of transforming his emotions through visual art. For almost 2 decades Jean Claude lives and works in the USA. He uses mixed media – acrylic and oil.

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