Beaubien, Isabelle

About The Artist

Isabelle Beaubien is a native of Montreal, Canada where she studied Fine Arts at Concordia University. Beaubien’s artwork is considered mixed media, with an expansive spectrum of colors that are vibrant, invigorating and inspiring. The gamuts of emotions that emote from her paintings are varied. Isabelle’s “ simultaneous contrast” in the juxtaposed colors continues to be revelatory. She works with acrylic enhanced by a resin overlay. Color is a major influence on the act of creating and on the experience of seeing and, thereby feeling. In some ways, it is related to chakras and how the colors radiate throughout ones being to bring about a sense of well-being. Her work creates a gloss with a sculptured appearance to the finished artwork.  It is at that moment that her work takes on all of the meaning; pushing the limits of the colors, textures, and forms to their extreme potential which is what she wants everyone to feel for their own existence.
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