Ebgi, Amram

About The Artist

Amram Ebgi is an International Artist, a craftsman, and a master printer. He has been considered a visionary whose imagination combines the warmth of sensitive feelings with light and the complexities of life with subtle structure. He is a true technician who skillfully translates such rare and delightful concepts with inks onto paper for all to see. His art is available in Lithographs, Etchings, Watercolor, Oil, Giclee, Copper, and in many other media.

Devoting his life to art and spending more than 30 years in his Art Studio, Ebgi has mastered the world of art. His artwork is available several type of media such as: Etchings, Watercolor, Oil, Giclee, Copper, Lithographs and in many more. Throughout the years, Ebgi has created his own Art Techniques as well.



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