Ame, James (Ame 72)

About The Artist

Ame’s 72 work began when he was a child. When the single small TV shared by his family members broke down his father decided the TV had never been a necessity but a luxury. Play became his primary pastime, stepping away from the screen and spending his time in a world of creation. Building with Legos and painting did not end when he was young but inspired an entire career based upon those times mixed with his reflections of the adult world. Ame puts this in the most succinct form saying; “Making art has its highs and lows, frustration and elation, but above all it’s the euphoria of creating something from nothing into something I can look at which makes me feel alive”.

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Ame72 derives his street name from the year he was born and the three middle letters of his real name (James). Ame started his street art career in 1985 and had since then developed a style which is a creative mix of Urban, Contemporary and Pop Art. Ame72’s current work is where the street meets the gallery to create an entirely new breed of contemporary work reflecting both the playful and cynical aspects of the human experience. Ame’s use of the Lego man, an iconic character, timeless and forever young is used as the carrier of Ame’s messages and often humourous works. In a world consumed with consumerism, Ame’s Melted artworks represent the impact on our environment verses the feeling of euphoria the consumer experiences from purchasing a luxury item.

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