Chen, Alexander

About The Artist

Alexander Chen is an internationally acclaimed artist. His reputation for creating captivating city scenes, enchanting landscapes and famous landmarks are greatly admired. Chen has received worldwide recognition for his colorful and exciting works of art as his popularity in the United States, Japan Europe continues to grow. Born in Guangzhou China in 1952, Chen first discovered his love of art while developing a series of drawings at the age of four. At 16, he moved to the countryside and became a farmer. In the late 1980s, Chen studied and taught at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China, and then Alexander Chen moved his family to Northern California

Chen was awarded membership in the National Artist Association of China. Alexander Chen is an official artist for the US Olympic Team. He created originals for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.
Alexander has the distinguished honor of being the only Olympic Artist sanctioned by both the US Olympic Committee and the Beijing Olympic Committee.

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